Bardia started his musical learning at a very young age. His first debut was playing Persian Percussion  ''TOMBAK'' on a live Friday morning show " SOBHE JOME BA SHOMA " at the famous Iranian National Radio Network at the age of three! 

After that, Bardia continued to play percussion in various concerts and cultural events in Iran, and a couple of countries such as Canada, the U.S.A., Japan, etc. Later he played in different Radio stations and T.V. programs as well as on international Satellite shows around the world. His mentors in learning "TOMBAK" were Mr. Davood Yaseri, Mohammad Esmaeili, Mahmood Farahmand, and Kourosh Bozorg Pour. 

His honors are: 

    1st place winner of TONBAK FESTIVAL in Tehran in 1993. 
    1st place winner of the Fajr Festival of 1994 to 1997. 
    Working over 40 Albums for different singers and band as a percussionist in Iran, Canada, Japan, and Dubai, etc. 

 As a percussionist, Bardia played percussion with different singers  and bands in different countries. To mentioned few artist that he worked with them. Akbar Golpa, Hassan Golnaraghi, Delkash, Mohammad Nouri, Mohammad Sarir, Bijan Bijani, Simin Ghanem and many other legend artists.  Bardia’s picture was published in the Famous Iranian Musicians' book named " Men of Iranian Musicians" when he was only 12 years old.  Bardia is teaching most world Percussion instruments as well a leading his Percussion Academy Classes called "DAFAN"  in Vancouver. Bardia is currently working on few new projects with his brother Reza Sadeghi on "Dafan Band" that he is currently leading it as well  his new projects as a POP singer. Most of his musical tracks  are available worldwide to stream and download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tiktok , Tidal and  obviously most Persian Radio stations such as Radio Javan. 

Two successful singing projects that he has done with his brother was the song called" Che Sakhteh" on the famous Turkish T.V. series with over millions viewers called" Aroos E Istanbul".  His other successful  project that he sing was on another famous Turkish T.V. series  called " Baghalam Kon" on " Eshghe Siah O Sefid"  show which is available to stream on GEM TV, GEM SERIES and many other major music and Persian TV shows platforms. 

Bardia also has a huge success on his instrumental band called " DAFAN BAND" which is the first Iranian Percussion Band in North America leading by Bardia . Recent videos from Dafan are : Aziz Joon, Aziz Beshin Be Kenarom, Bar Gisooyat, Shirin Joonom, 1400, Shabe Mahtab, Baroon Barooneh, Nasim are just the few HOT songs and videos that he recently arranged with Iranian percussion for this band. All of these songs and videos are available to download and stream on major music platforms. 

Nothing could stop Bardia with musical Projects ! Bardia has published his first Tonbak book on 2021 named " Amozesh Tonbak Be Revayate Bardia Sadeghi " which has the modern techniques to learn Iranian Percussion " Tonbak" for beginners.  Now , he has published five brand new books this year for DAF(Beginner to Advance) and other Iranian Percussion which is available to purchase from this website.